My mission is supporting your blossoming into exercising your sovereignty to create a heart-centered and satisfying experience, of your own design!

In Love, D

Sensory Circuitry Activation

This audio series displays a chill back, straightforward, sincere down-to-Gaia expression. SCA offers a new and unique experience, where I take you on an audio-journey into your inner-dimensionality to activate your Sensory Circuitry, deliver activations , and seed awareness.

About Me

I have a highly adaptogenic nature and a keen ability to connect to planetary consciousness, as well as to read and translate biological information in the cells and thus, circuitries of human beings, to decipher information from an embodied perspective. Refining these aptitudes since I was six years of age, I have distilled my DNA, and polished my expression so as Diana, I can express who iAm, and serve as a consultant and instructor, through my knowledge of Human Energetics. As a vibrational architect, iAm facilitating a heart-centered, reliable, holistic transformational space; and a  methodology, consistently producing prompt, deep, efficient, and permanent results to enjoy, embodied living! And I can show you how you can, too!

They Say

Stefan Grafstein


"Diana is one of the most present, loving and inspired people I have worked with. She has helped me to see the places in myself where there is a lack of alignment in my thoughts and choices."

J. Saunders


"I have been able to dive deep into my psyche with Diana’s help. With kindness, accuracy and humor, she has a straightforward approach that cuts through the bull to open space inside and relationally."

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