My mission is supporting your blossoming into exercising your sovereignty to create a heart-centered and satisfying experience, of your own design!

In Love, D

Sensory Circuitry Activation

This audio series displays a chill back, straightforward, sincere down-to-Gaia expression. SCA offers a new and unique experience, where I take you on an audio-journey into your inner-dimensionality to activate your Sensory Circuitry, deliver activations , and seed awareness.

About Me

I've taken on the mission of introducing humanity to an energetic perspective for managing our human being experience, by clearing and organizing the DNA, through a new field of study called Human Energetics. I have been working with epigenetics and alchemy since age six within awareness, to the degree I have been able to change not only the history of the genes I inherited, but to also charge them with my personal essence, in order to manifest the realities I create for my self to experience, at the physical level; and I've done this, so I can show you how you can, too.

They Say

Stefan Grafstein


"Diana is one of the most present, loving and inspired people I have worked with. She has helped me to see the places in myself where there is a lack of alignment in my thoughts and choices."

J. Saunders


"I have been able to dive deep into my psyche with Diana’s help. With kindness, accuracy and humor, she has a straightforward approach that cuts through the bull to open space inside and relationally."

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