a Star-Seedling speaking as

Diana Ravagli

Meta Awareness Consultating

Are you ready to stop repeating sabotaging patterns of trauma, isolation, lack of worthiness or confidence? As a Meta Awareness specialist I support your healing and transformation to embrace your personal power and have a meaningful living.


This audio series displays a chill back, straightforward, and sincere expression. It provides activations and seeds awareness in you, through the intimacy of Diana’s stories and a holistic Meta Awareness, on how to operate as a human being.

Upgrade Yourself

This section includes leading edge workshops, classes, courses, and tutorials supporting you to embody your true essence and purpose within awareness, through a Meta Awareness perspective of living, as the basis of the blossoming for your success!

Lucidity Portal

Lucidity Portal is a YouTube channel devised as your ascension wormhole into higher frequencies of living that match the order of The Natural Matrix. Your host and guide in Lucidity Portal is Diana Ravagli, an epigenetics specialists presenting Meta Awareness.




Stefan Grafstein


“Diana is one of the most present, loving and inspired people I have worked with. She has helped me to see the places in myself where there is a lack of alignment in my thoughts and choices. She understands how people work”


Vancouver, Canada

“I recommend Diana because she has the capacity to help people succeed at whatever their goal or focus may be, I specifically enjoy the level to which she is attuned to the intangible and how she makes that accessible.”

S. Greenfield


“Even through a long-distance series of appointments, she was able to guide me into physical sensations she had no way of knowing I was feeling other than applying her ability to feel and see right through me.”



“Diana’s persistent gentleness opened me to the river of my heart, in a way no other woman had and I was touched by her wisdom to work with my anger and turn it toward my personal observation instead of the victimization I was playing out.”