About me

I'm Not Normal

Being a Human Being is an exquisite luxury I meet with the openness of my embodied presence. I did not grow up as a “normal” human being; ironically because of how naturally I matured, in compliance to the Natural Matrix. I began this journey of self-directed living at the tender age of six, which is also when I began working with epigenetics and alchemy within awareness remembering well, I had come to shift the memory in the genes I had inherited, to charge them with my own energy, so I could create my own experiences. This is the process of embodied sovereignty, which is what now allows me to experience reality according to my own design.

An Energetic Perspective

I am a Human Energetics consultant and instructor using an energetic perspective to facilitate holistic healing because it is the highest and simplest since everything else is subsequent to energy. I use a reliable methodology that consistently produces prompt, deep, efficient and permanent results, so you can engage Life with confidence, from a heart-centered perspective and trust, to enjoy your living!

I have the capacity to guide you into, and through your internal pathways. In doing so, you recognize your patterns. And when you can identify the patterns, you can uninstall them and choose what to put in their place. As a consequence and advantage, you also get to learn very deeply about the Universe because, when you study your self, you study your depth, and at that level of intimacy with your inner-dimensionality, Life transparently reveals the very codes of existence to the seeker. That effort yields an organization at the practical level that aligns the essence to its matter to give birth to the magician, in each Human Being that walks that path. It takes courage, resilience and energetic maturity to be able to manage the voltage of feeling at peace consistently enough to create the cohesiveness needed for you to shine your Light, at the physical level. It is my honor to support you on this journey of alchemizing your DNA, so you can weave energy here, as the creator of your living! So the question to face is: Are you ready to dance with Life at Her speed, at this 3D level?

Are you ready to update your living?

Are you feeling trapped in repeating cycles? Do you feel disempowered in your own life? Re-pattern your energy to welcome a holistic calmness and balance, as the basis of your living to manifest deep and meaningful connections embracing emotional stability and flexibility. If you want to feel empowered and in dominion of your energy, time, space, and enjoy personal confidence in the fluid expression that ignites your presence, then join me in Total Recall, as this class is sure to activate you into the self-actualization needed to claim your sovereignty!