About me

I'm Not Normal

I have grown naturally and in compliance to the Natural Matrix through my personal connection with Life and Gaia, for as "out there" as that may sound. I have walked my body into living in a completely personally designed New Life. iAm a shapeshifter with a highly adaptogenic nature, and a keen ability to decipher information from an embodied perspective to connect to planetary consciousness, as well as being able to read and translate biological information in the cells and thus, circuitries, of human beings. I have  been refining these aptitudes at the physical level since I was six years of age, which has granted me the ability to distill and refine my DNA, and sincerely polished my expression, so as Diana, I can express who truly iAm, and thus manifest reality at the 3D, at my personal will. That way of living also defines the depth of the transformational space I facilitate other human beings to embody their essence.

This living entails a process called illumination because of the Light that gets anchored and reproduced at the cellular level, which then provokes a radiance. Such brilliance is only produced through an alignment with Life and Gaia that in turn facilitates the literal rising of our matter into the frequencies we personally choose to inhabit. And when we consistently comply to such frequencies with our living, we can literally, also, create within those frequencies from an incarnated perspective, meaning, from the inside out.

Embodying the genius is the next evolutionary stage for human beings, which demands operating personal sovereignty at the practical level. This is an ability the system we have been signed up to, after birth, does not support in our development, so it is a consciousness we need to seed and care for into strength, at the personal level. I began working on developing a way to facilitate this for my self since I was five years of age; and for the illumination of humanity, from the age of nine; both within aware directionality. I have only recently began exposing my true nature because to my sad disappointment in my past life in this same body, the characters I associated with did not believe I could do what I can, so I kept my identity and the intentions I was constructing, hidden from my external world until November, 2019.

I had to face many deeply challenging situations and through that alchemy, I have enjoyed the sweetness of what most call a "magical" way of living, as I was distilling my DNA, and injecting the alignment I needed to marry the essence that iAm, with my matter/body, and after a profound cocooning stage, I came to now reside in the frequency of my choice, and building momentum in this New Life. 
My aim and deepest pleasure is to show you, how to do the same, if you so wish; so feel free to connect w me.

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