Holistic Consultant and Instructor
If you’re ready to stop repeating patterns of trauma, disconnection, receiving less than you give, and not knowing how to move forward, as a Human Energetics specialist I support you into embodying calmness and balance, so you can gain empowered dominion of your energy, time, and space, as the basis of your everyday living.

Human Energetics

Human Energetics is the highest and simplest perspective we can operate with, since everything manifested is subsequent to energy. iAm a Human Energetics consultant and instructor facilitating holistic healing to human beings, through a reliable methodology that consistently produces prompt, deep, efficient, and permanent results, so you can engage Life with confidence, from a heart-centered trust Life and Gaia are manifesting for yOu, from your energetic investment. 

I have the capacity to guide you into, and through, your internal pathways, so you recognize your patterns. As you identify the patterns, you can uninstall them and choose what to put in their place. As a consequence and advantage, you also get to learn very deeply about the Universe because, when you study your humanness, you study your depth, and at that level of intimacy with your inner-dimensionality, Life transparently reveals the very codes of existence to the seeker. That effort yields an organization at the practical level that aligns your essence, to your matter; and when you seek and walk that path long enough, you awaken your creator capacity. 

It takes courage, resilience and energetic maturity to be able to manage the voltage of feeling at peace consistently enough to create the necessary coherence for you to shine your Light, at the physical level, meaning incarnated. It is my honor to support you on this journey of alchemizing your DNA, so you can weave energy here, as the creator of your living! So the question you face is: Are you ready to dance with Life at Her speed, at this 3D level yet?

Supporting You...

Energy Read

Specifically intended for first time clients through an energetic scan about a particular matter weighing you down, in order to gain an insightful perspective that brings clarity and awareness on how to move forward feeling at ease, with embodied comfort.

1 hour
Individual sessions:

Transformational Sessions

I can support you to step from trauma, negative beliefs, and subsequent patterns, into a permanent holistic heart-centered model of living to operate consistently with comfort and joy, as the creator of your desired experience. Are you ready?

Package: 5 - 12 sessions (1.5h each)

Price: $750 - $1530

The Reconnection

There are 2 modalities The Reconnection offers, which both adhere to an energetic perspective.

Personal Reconnection (In Person)

Reconnecting the body’s grid to the lay lines of our planet, and then to the Universal grid, in all dimensions of time and space, The Reconnection promotes communication between the essence and the body. This process creates a permanent shift at the physical and energetic levels to enhance living with ease and grace.

Duration: 30-45min each.
Completed two separate days. Needed only once in a lifetime, and price includes both sessions
Price: $333

Reconnection Healing

Faithful to an energetic perspective of addressing discomfort, neither a therapy nor a treatment, the Reconnection Healing is offered in one to three sessions at a time. Each one delivers a fully comprehensive spectrum of frequencies that restore cohesiveness and harmony, in the body and energetic field. Sessions can be done in person, or from a distance.

Individual session.

Duration: 30min
Session price: $80


Diana was able to guide me into physical sensations she had no way of knowing I was feeling other than applying her ability to feel and see right through me.

S. Greenfield // LA, USA

My overall impression of consulting with Diana is that she is attuned to all things intangible and have a large repertoire of strategies, information and techniques to work through issues.

Meriah // Vancouver, Canada

The first time I heard Diana speak, I was floored by her power, love, insight and energy. When I spoke with her, it was cemented and I was filled with the joy and wonder of a little child.

E. Trotter // LA, USA

Recommended Products

Did you know the quality of your living is greatly dependent on the nourishment you provide to your body? Diana recommends products that support you in accumulating the energy that feeds your well being at higher frequencies of living. These products are Diana's personal choices, so she can attest they are of excellent quality and deliver the support you need creating the realities you want.