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iAm a Meta Awareness consultant and instructor facilitating holistic healing through a reliable methodology that consistently produces prompt, deep, efficient and permanent results, so you can enjoy embodied living with confident trust.

Meta Awareness

Meta Awareness is an energetic, and thus holistic and natural perspective, of what a human being is abiding by Universal Laws. It is also the highest and simplest perspective to operate with, since everything manifested physically is subsequent to energy.

Embodiment Is The Grown Up Of Spirituality

Meta Awareness recognizes a holistic comprehension of the body, as a tool and vehicle for the essence -as its driving energy- to read and affect the environment of the physical planes the body inhabits. In addition, it speaks of the easiest, most efficient, and joyful way to provoke the necessary alchemy that produces the illumination of embodiment.

It is my honor to support you on your journey of alchemizing your DNA to align you as the essence, to your body, Life and Gaia, so yOu can weave your energy on this planet, as the creator of your living! To find out more about me before booking, you can get more information in the “About me” page.

So the question you face is:
Are you ready to dance with Life, at Her speed, at this physical level?

Supporting you…

Energetic Assessment

Specifically intended for first time clients, through an energetic scan about a particular matter weighing you down, in order to gain an insightful perspective that brings clarity and awareness on how to move forward feeling at ease, with embodied comfort.

Duration: 1 hour
Individual sessions: CAD$90

Personal Reconnection

Reconnecting the body’s grid to the lay lines of our planet, and then to the Universal grid, in all dimensions of time and space, The Reconnection promotes communication between the essence and the body. This process creates a permanent shift at the physical and energetic levels to enhance living with ease and grace.

Duration: 30-45min
Completed two separate days. Needed only once in a lifetime, and price includes both sessions

Session price: $333

Transformational Consultations

I can support you to step from trauma, negative beliefs and subsequent patterns, into a permanent and holistic heart-centered model of living to operate consistently with comfort and joy, as the creator of the experiences you desire. Are you ready?

Package: 5 – 12  (1.5hrs each)
Price: CAD$750 – $1620


Julie Anderson // Toronto, Canada

Diana offered me a safe space of clarity, precision and comfort. I felt safe and supported through my entire journey. Diana’s kind and straightforward approach helped me to realize the ways I was sabotaging myself and overlooking what needed to be addressed. Her deep knowing was instrumental in the unraveling I had to go through to feel empowered and level headed every day leading from my heart.

E. Trotter // Seattle, USA

I was floored by your power, love, insight and energy. Thank you for helping me to change my life. Go do what you do and help others change. You are a magical being, and I am eternally grateful for your blessed existence and feel that you bless the world along with those you encounter with your presence, energy, emotions and being.

Lene // Norway

It has been amazing to feel the changes in my experience, and seeing them last. I now have a harmonious relationship with my own body, and a joy for living that I did not think was possible. Taking a chance and trusting Diana and her guidance has been the best decision I have ever made in my life. My gratitude towards her goes far beyond what I am able to express, and I am forever thankful to her.

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