Deep and permanent activations for your self-mastery!

iAm an emissary of Peace presenting a message to Human Beings on how to move forward with grace, efficiency, and joy, during these times of transition.

Human Energetics

Energy is the elemental component of everything in our universe, which means everything is subsequent to it, therefore adopting an energetic perspective is the most serving, when it comes to managing our experiences, as human beings.

These classes are the introduction to Human energetics, an energetic perspective that helps you sample the most natural and thus most cohesive and efficient way to manage your energy.

*Pre-requisite: Total Recall class

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Vision into Mission

Continuing the study of Human Energetics, the energetic perspective is used in this course, as a practical planned approach inviting an alignment between matter and essence, and essence into matter, within awareness. This dynamic completes the loop between the created and creator aspects, creating in unison.

This course offers a planned methodology, as a preparation of the terrain to seed physical reality at at will, as the creator of personal experiences.

*Pre-requisite: All Human Energetics classes

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