Total Recall

This is a revolutionary class offering you up-to-date information and a choice to reconnect to the Natural Matrix, which is Life Itself.

Are you fed up of having to do what others tell you to do? Or not having the time and liberty to do and say whatever you want? The Truth of the matter is that our planet is facing a huge shift in consciousness and therefore all other sentient beings are, too. This is the opportunity we've been waiting for to claim our sovereignty and step into a New Life. That rebirth entails a coherence that needs to be seeded and when we have a 91% alignment, and above, we can design and build our realities at the physical level, at will. The possibility of designing and seeding our individual realities, at the physical level and at will, are at hand, for those who are up for the challenge of keeping up with the shift updates.

The more aligned someone is, the greater exposure
to living in the coherence of personal bliss there is


This class is the first of many that form part of the curriculum based on Human Energetics at Golden Ray Knowledge and Sanctuary supporting human beings advance from personal development, through self-actualization, to self-realization, and into self-mastery, by using group dynamics for re-integration into the Natural Matrix, and prompted evolutionary blossoming. The completion of this class grants you the appropriate certification to verify your participation, and it is a pre-requisite to advance into taking other classes, so you can continue building your personal energy, awareness, power, and skills, into said self-mastery.

The question is:
Are you ready to pull-off the wool over your eyes?

In This Class

Receive activations

You receive the activations that prompt your self-actualization, meaning you begin to see the difference of space, without time, so you can operate from what is happening every "now".

Planetary changes

You find out what is happening energetically in our solar system, and more specifically with our planet.

Why sovereignty?

I dismantle why we're stepping now into our sovereignty in relationship to what is happening on our planet, which is affecting everything else in the Universe.

The essence creates the matter

You discover how your essence created your body, which automatically reminds you of your sovereignty, and puts you in the driving seat as the commander of your experiences, in all aspects of your living.

Reclaim your energy

Learn about how your energy is being intercepted, how to reclaim it, and then invest it to create personal fulfilment using Human Energetics, so you can operate as the creator of your experience.

What is ascension?

You also find out what the particular energetic signature Human Beings have, what's so special about it (because it is!), what that has to do with ascension, and what ascension is, from an energetic perspective.

Forecast of upcoming events

I offer you forecasts of events approaching, and possibilities of what we can face according to how we manage every day.

Ready to join me in this leading edge class?

See you in class!

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