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The Transition Into The Non-dualistic perspective

Many people are struggling with the changes simply from lack of awareness of how to adapt. The good news is that each human being can now decide the quality of that personal transition.

This means each human being can manifest physical realities that match the desired experience. Obviously, most didn’t get the training to undertake this transition.

But now, the consciousness of Human Energetics -the energetic, and thus true holistic study of what A Human Being is- illuminates the easiest, most efficient, as well as joyful path of embodiment that puts you in the driver seat of your body and enables you to create your living, in accordance with, and the support of Life and Gaia.

The changes started happening in the collective at the physical level from December, 2012, when higher frequencies started trickling-in from the solar system, into this planet through its stratosphere.

Exposed to so much new information, all species on the planet started producing mutations to translate the new information, also responsible for prompting the change in the physical expression from carbon based, into silicone base beings.

That’s the expression of the matter for all sentient beings living beyond the dualistic perspective, in the present frequencies of this solar system.

The complete process weaves a whole new body -new organs, new systems, expanded abilities, adaptive habits, new relational standards, and thus, new experiences, in all incarnated beings -meaning the energy-beings who are constructing a body.

By January 2020, the energy had burrowed deeply into the planet’s core, the mutations surpassed 61% of the population -commonly known as “the collective”-, which freed Gaia to start uplifting Her body into the eternal NOW.

That changed the invitation to comply vibrationally with the new frequency of the planet, into a request.

By September 4, 2020, Gaia stepped into Her sovereignty. And the request changed again, into a requirement.

The mutations have been blossoming the new bodies of all the species. And as of July 26, 2022, Gaia started raising Her frequency.

That means Gaia is elevating Her body -this planet- into higher frequencies of living at the physical level, beyond the dualistic perspective, which dictates all beings in, on, and around Her turf, must also comply, if a physical body -as matter of Her matter- is desired.

The time has come to shed the old body and embrace a New Life!

The Pre-FJ Fasting program will take you into the depth of your cells to explore the information in your genes, as it starts the process of clearing the information you inherited. It is synchronized to climax at the start of The FJ Experience, which opens the path to reconfigure your DNA.

It is a process of illumination that starts with infusing the cells with the light of the essence and who yOu are, to vitalize and update the information you work with, in your body. The FJ prompts the alchemy in your body that allows Life, yOu -the essence, your body, and Gaia, to align as one.

This embodiment practice offers a systematic approach and it is loaded with tools that enable you to anchor solidly on this planet to inhabit the highest frequency of living -the eternal NOW- where you can give birth to the realities you want to participate and experience.

Ready to transform your living from the inside-out?

Pre-FJ Fasting

Initiation Into Embodiment

The advantage of joining the Pre-FJ Fasting is that it allows you to build a deep connection with your body, get access to the information in your cells, and the power to clear your genes.

Lasting 21 days and perfectly timed, The Pre-FJ Fasting helps you go from inexperienced beginner, to build the necessary momentum so you can complete the four-day fasting, at the beginning of The FJ Experience.


The FJ Experience

A 40 Day Frequency Jump

Embodiment Practice


Spirituality and science have granted the knowledge needed to provoke the mental elasticity to accept a human being is not only a body.

Now, Human Energetics  offers the comprehension of what human beings really are, from an energetic and thus, holistic perspective. The FJ Experience is a methodical, reliable and practical strategy, with tools to help you get clarity, fine-tune your personal alignment and embodiment of the higher self, to seed the rhythm of success in your daily experience and manifest realities, as the creator of your living!