In Gratitude

January 2021



The first of everything is a very special space because it marks the flavor of depth, in the expression of what gets shared. Today, I start blogging to share the depth of my heart and thus bliss with you, through written form. Consider my blogs then, my love letters to you.

In October 2019, through serendipity, Life introduced Kenneth Berentzen and I. In the few days we shared, we experienced a very deep recognition of the other, and the desire on each our part to work together. Kenneth recorded an interview with me. Here’s the video. After that, he took space to sort out his personal experience because of how deeply touched he was by the exchange we had.

On September 25, 2020, my birthday, he gifted me the edited and final copy of the interview. Almost a year later, he came into my present again, yet this time, he wore the scent of sovereignty, which was reflected in his external living, was well. Kenneth purchased sessions with me, and we entered a work exchange, as well. 

This man has put me through the ringer of the most exquisite kind, by challenging me every single day to show up fully. I have engrained enough momentum in the way I manage my living that iAm at ease with the challenge, but that he had the ability to digest information at the capacity I do, aNd to be able to integrate at the capacity sometimes as quick as a sleep, defied everything I had ever worked with; including dealing with helping my own daughter to self-actualize. 

Operating from my heart allows me transparency between a person and I, from their essence to their matter (the body), and the realms of realities either the person, or I have access to. This space grants me a wormhole to connect my inner dimensionality with that of the person. This is how I operate in sessions because it also grants the person the ability to hitch onto my sensory circuitry, which in turn activates theirs, and how I seed and tend to quantum upgrades in my presence.

When you mix in the ego, with all its ideologies and hooks for our energy, along with considering such hooks are the splinters we must remove from our DNA, which can be called an exorcism of the energies that feed from our energy, claiming life from generation to generation, not to mention at a time when we—human beings—are receiving now internally and externally the energy of Truth, guiding another through the fog of the vail can be a tricky affair.

I knew my job was to be of service to him by answering his heart’s call, from the purity of mine, as a point of reference to attune his own. And I had to ensure, all our interactions were always sitting on the comfort and openness of Truth, which was easy for Kenneth to identify in me since he has clairsentience. 

Clairsentience is the ability to tap into one’s sensory circuitry to identify Truth/accuracy, and the alignment in another according to the resonance one reads through the senses, and one’s personal training identifying the flow of energy. This has been his saving grace dealing with his ego. Not only does he have a clear recognition of the signature of truth; furthermore, he has practiced following it in trust. 

Kenneth’s insistent tenacity regardless of what I showed him evoked my presence to dive deeper, into the cosmology of his being, and I have enjoyed the pleasure of deep communication like I have never been able to share with any other human being because of his ability to see me so clearly, pre-words that is so special about having clairsentience developed.

The most amazing aspect of all this is that it’s been happening over many miles in between us because he was living in Netherlands, and now in Norway. This physical distance has truly shown me the agility I have attained in managing my space, to the degree of affect I have on another, at the physical level.  

After sessions were done, we have continued working together, almost every day. It has been due to Kenneth I found relief from the work load I had been carrying alone, consistently working on preparing the foundation for Golden Ray Knowledge & Sanctuary, at the physical level. Without even meaning to, and as I predicted, he’s getting to witness my experience blossoming into my self-realization, as I support him in his self-actualization. 

Realities are not handed to us. We each step into the realities we can afford with the level of awareness we mustard, maintain, and inject into our matter's affairs. Kenneth’s persistent presence called me forth to review every aspect of my embodiment as I guided him through his, and I found my self facing the refinement I needed to fully own my personal power of affect, and the command I have on my craft facilitating healing, in spite of time and space.

So today, I dedicate this expansion, to officially welcome Kenneth into the Golden Ray Knowledge & Sanctuary family, and I offer my gratitude for all his steady contribution into its blossoming, as I acknowledge and celebrate his own personal accomplishment stepping into his self-actualization and thus embodiment, of his sovereignty. Thank You for who you are, and Thank You, for all you are doing, Kenneth!

And to you, the reader, Thank You for showing up here to follow along my story, as I open yet another avenue to share with you, the deliciousness of living iAm experiencing. 

Looking forward to our next communication! 
Until next time!
From my bliss,



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