Moments w Me

Moments w Me

The FREE activations I gift you, for your self-actualization

iAm an emissary of Peace presenting a message to Human Beings on how to move forward with grace, efficiency, and joy, during these times of transition.

Welcome to Moments w Me. I created this space in order to open a conversation about Human Energetics, which is a new field of study for how to operate humanness from an energetic perspective that naturally leads since, everything is subsequent to energy. iAm introducing this energetic perspective through presenting you with my own experiences of living within awareness, and thus sovereignty.

Free Upgrades

Join me in Moments w Me, where I dismantle the entanglements in humanity's psyche, and reveal the naked Truth of our existence, as Sentient Beings, which provoke the activations that serve you as self-actualization keys, to your own realizations.

Facing the higher frequencies in our solar system and everything that’s happening on this planet, it is important that we filter our experiences through a more encompassing perspective than we have had for our self, and as a species in the Universe.

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