iAm now birthing another miracle.

In July of 2022, I was diagnosed with severe osteoporosis -meaning I had lost 40 to 45% of bone mass-, which prompted me to decide I was going to manifest my 3rd miracle since I prefer to heal naturally, than to take medications.

The other two miracles I manifested, were just like that, manifested. I simply decided that by 30 days later, I’d be “healed” -meaning that upon return, I was going to be told that the malady that had been diagnosed for my body, no longer held as Truth. Then, I looked for the belief(s) that had to be changed, so that I could get my body to align with being free of the malady. Through the following days, I practiced looking through my body, for the physical reality that matched my body’s health, and being told in surprise that I didn’t need medications or operations because I was healed.

I have come to realize that this miracle is very different than the other two because iAm not disposing of, or ridding my body of anything, as much as iAm anchoring and weaving more of my light, into my body, for this healing. This miracle is also different because it has become a work of art demanding patience and focused attention with many pieces connecting to one another to produce the result.

So, let’s start with how I manifested the condition.

Since age 16, my body and I have worked devotedly to get her freed of the trauma and the PTSD that in 2012, finally released.

By mid-October 2016, I entered my cocooning stage, meaning the stage when each human being develops a new story and realities to experience with the new silicone body that is developing, from the old carbon base body; in other words, the creation of what we call an “incarnation”, except that we build it while we’re still in the body, like butterflies do, for example.

I postponed diving into it, until January 2017, when I delved my focus into developing my New Incarnation.

During that process, in June 2017, I specifically asked Life and Gaia to grant me a clearing for my body that would allow a complete deactivation of the horrible memories of trauma that got trapped in my body during the first 16 years of her development that would grant me the internal clearing for me to carry out my desired plans, in my body’s present.

Bone mass is the densest part of the body and it holds its oldest memories, so when I was diagnosed with osteoporosis, I was not surprised, and I had already seen this condition in my bones a few months prior, which is exactly why I had the overall exams.

The path to manifest this miracle has led me to the energetic reconciliation of my past incarnation/story in this body, so my body and I can move forward as iAm and how we decide, instead of the memory of expression inherited in the genes, and the activation that took place as my body was developing.

I know it sounds super weird that I say it that way, but it is because we keep identifying as the body that our experience -meaning the experience of the essence, which is who “we” are- keeps getting entangled with the body’s experience, when in reality it is two separate things that at this time of evolution it is important to keep distinct, for better comprehension.

I had desired to have completed this miracle already, but I have not focused my full attention on this matter to the degree that it needs to manifest physically because I have been busy with setting up the sanctuary and the school, at the physical level, so I could charge it by offering my presence and way of living for my healing, as the energy that supports the Truth delivered in this place, and the energy that fuels all that I birth here. As a matter of fact, the use of my energy invested in this manner is precisely what makes this regular place, a sanctuary.

iAm now finally at the point, where I start said focus! So as of today, April 24, iAm starting a 21-day invigorating period when I will be redirecting my energy to the practices that will produce the new habits in all my living -from when I wake up my body, until I lay her down to sleep.

So, here you have it! The beginning of sharing my story of how iAm manifesting this 3rd miracle.