Gifts For Your Alignment


You can follow Diana’s progress on her journey manifesting a miracle. In July 2022, Diana was diagnosed with severe osteoporosis -“40 tp 45% bone loss” the Dr. said.

Through the trajectory, of sharing so transparently her personal journey, Diana aims to dismantle the manifesting of not only a miracle for her body, but the manifesting of her other miracle, also.

Sensory Circuitry Activation

Receive activations and seeds of awareness, through the intimacy of Diana’s stories from a Meta Awareness perspective on how to operate as a human being.

SCA delivers a deep alignment and reconnection to the Natural Matrix, and thus, to your original blueprint.

Lucidity Portal

This YouTube channel was devised as your ascension wormhole into higher frequencies of living that match the order of The Natural Matrix.

Your host and guide -Diana Ravagli- is an innovative epigenetics specialists presenting a holistic Meta Awareness perspective, through investigative diving into different topics.

Moments w Me

Join Diana at her original YouTube video series. In Moments w Me, she shares her personal experiences of how particularly she manages reality based on operating as a human being through a Meta Awareness perspective, which is an energetic and thus, holistic perspective,  supporting sovereignty and the illumination embodiment produces to its practicioners.