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From  My  Heart  To  Yours

Find a comfortable position sitting or lying down, kick back, listen.

Impactful transmissions for your body's healing and wellbeing.

Reach deep activations while listening to these transformative recordings.

Recordings are encoded with lasting holistic benefits, for your awareness.

What is SCA?

SCA Stands for Sensory Circuitry Activation. This audio series displays a chill back, straightforward, sincere down-to-Gaia expression. SCA offers a new and unique experience, where I take you on a journey into your inner-dimensionality. I provide activations and seed awareness in you, through the intimacy of my stories and a Human Energetics perspective on how to operate as a human being, which delivers a deep alignment and reconnection to the Natural Matrix, and thus, to your original blueprint.

Are you ready to update your living?

Are you feeling trapped in repeating cycles? Do you feel disempowered in your own life? Re-pattern your energy to welcome a holistic calmness and balance, as the basis of your living to manifest deep and meaningful connections embracing emotional stability and flexibility. If you want to feel empowered and in dominion of your energy, time, space, and enjoy personal confidence in the fluid expression that ignites your presence, then join me in Total Recall, as this class is sure to activate you into the self-actualization needed to claim your sovereignty!