Sensory Circuitry Activation

The more aligned you are, the greater exposure you have to living in the coherence of personal bliss.

Find a comfortable position sitting or lying down, kick back, and listen.

Impactful transmissions for your body’s comfort, healing and wellbeing.

Recordings are encoded with lasting holistic benefits that facilitate awareness.

Reach deep activations while you listen to these transformative recordings.

What is SCA?

SCA Stands for Sensory Circuitry Activation, and it delivers a deep alignment and reconnection to the Natural Matrix, and thus, to your original blueprint by taking you on a journey, into your inner-dimensionality.

This audio series displays a chill back, straightforward, and sincere expression that provides activations and seeds awareness in you, through the intimacy of Diana’s  stories from a Meta Awareness perspective on how to operate as a human being.

Latest SCA Downloads

Lucidity Portal is a YouTube channel devised as your ascension wormhole, into higher frequencies of living that match the order of The Natural Matrix.

Your host and guide -Diana Ravagli- is an innovative epigenetics specialists presenting a Meta Awareness perspective, through investigative presentations.