I have been diagnosed with severe osteoporosis. When I asked the Dr. to explain what that meant, he said “40 to 45% of bone loss.” Considering I want to make use of this body for a lot longer than the 50 years it completes at the end of September this year, I will birth a miracle, again. This one is schedule for completion, on February 1st, 2023.

iAm familiar with the orchestration of a miracle because I have healed my body through a handful of them, but this is the first time iAm “performing” a miracle, meaning that it is medically provable; that the tracking of its development is being registered “on-time” as it is occurring, until the alchemy is done; and that iAm doing it publicly.

I know this is deeply significant, and it is why iAm capturing this miracle’s trajectory “Live”. Yet also because, as Human Energetics explains, transparency rectifies the illusion, through the introduction of Truth -the unbendable type-, as the quality of energy that commands by earning the altitude of connection to the highest possible alignment, from a point of embodied radiance.

Like the Light that comes from the depth of the Nothing, to the center of the everything that It is, in the everything that exists, through the soaking of the matter at the elemental level that reaches the depth of each cell delivering the illumination that provokes the undeniable sight of being face to face with Life, Gaia, the role we play, and the role of our matter yielding its consent to the essence for full management, as if we were it.

Living through this energetic perspective is a naked and open way of being that has been tainted with hedonistic ideologies that serve as a masturbatory existence, instead of living at the edge of creation as the homeopathic medicine for this planet, and humanity’s maladies.

Human beings are nOt a diluted version of God. We are God in the flesh. And believe you me, the mere ability to say that incarnated is a hEck of an accomplishment, which requires an alchemy that demands absolute responsibility of what those words entail, ALL the time.

But of course, ALL the time. Because miracles are timeless, and thus take place out of time, and serve as a point of reference to the door of the Eternal NOW. The now that lasts infinitely, and where we can reside incarnated, too, because we keep raising our matter into every passing of all NOWs, after that.

Being a Human Being is an art because it is each one of us, who weaves the body into blossoming for us, to the quality we care for it. But it’s become a forgotten class that very few attend.

First, because it was hidden in plain sight. Second, because the health of the connection between the essence and the body has been removed from humanity’s awareness, the same as the remembrance and activation of personal sovereignty, while the natural connection has been taught to be immature and “uncivilized.”

Without awareness, the perception of the essence is flimsy and feeble in the body. So, in the midst of the confusion embodiment produces in those conditions, people around the world have been brainwashed into believing Life is difficult, and thus, it cannot be that easy to be connected.

So, there are people everywhere efforting to do things that only get carried out because it is the norm, even if it is nOt natural.

,”When there is transparency, the mere scent of an embodied being has the power to heal because it dispels the thinking, and reflects the articulation of a body -as the matter- being managed through an absolute willed embodiment of the essence that inevitably provokes phenomenal shifts of transformation because it stems from an alignment.

The Truth is that this miracle is a special event nOw because there is such a misalignment among the collective, but it is our natural evolution now to embody, and claim sovereignty for our daily living, instead of only as a topic of dialogue.

That degree of embodiment requires Love. The true type that is an active verb -and therefore expressed verb-, from an internal desire to physically share with another, something from a place of fulfilled selfness that offers personal bliss, as the approach.

The love that is provoked through a grater embodiment that rushed the energy of the essence stronger into the body seeking ground like lightening, and agitating the cells in the body prompting a feeling of expressed sweetness and joy.

Commanding from the nOthing point that each human being has access to dispels the energy in one’s space that is not that openness; that is not only naked, but it is the purest form of expressed love.

Perhaps this is an appropriate place for me to share with you why this experience is so unique for me, and those who witness it on the go. This miracle is not only mine, like the rest I have aligned to my body.

This one is a miracle with undoubtable validity, as a planted flag demonstrating the attainable embodiment of the iAm conducting my personal living, as the creator and conductor of my body.

It entails a massive awakening through a path of Truth; the Love that I have grown feeling in my body for you, from when my body was nine years of age, when I dove both feet into this ascension, through my heart.

I came here for you, because this incarnation business is very flippin’ hard! Especially the way it has been managed on this planet the last few centuries. I came to show you there is a different way of living and what human beings are capable of doing, through full embodiment.

The shift started landing steadily since 2012, and by the end of January 2020, all the physical mutations and upgrades were received by all Sentient Beings on this planet, and whoever could manage the modifications and learned how to stabilize and harmonize the energy, has stayed.

After four days of zero Shuman Resonance, on September 4, 2020, Gaia stepped into this New Era of sovereignty on this planet, which dictates the same for all her inhabitants.

Gaia has been steadily gaining Her footing in this sovereignty, and She is now adjusting to the higher voltage that has been increasing steadily this year from May forward. And it won’t stop for a while, until the cleanse has been purged.

If you are wondering how I know all this with such certainty? It is because at age nine, during the worse and most pressurized time of my body’s living, and after claiming to Life for my sovereignty, I had an encounter with Gaia that shifted my entire existence.

I remember She showed me She was sad, too. And it was during the time when heavy deforestation was being carried out in Brazil. And we made a pact of helping each other. She reminded me what my contract with Her read, and what I came to do.

Gaia took me in, as my God Mother, while Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene became my mentors and guardians, in the service and presence of Archangel Michael guiding my steps, with the teachings and companionship of the planets who chose to support me -the essence- during this incarnation.

I know it sounds wAy out there, but this is Truth I speak.

iAm highly attuned to recognize patterns, and I have gained keys of comprehension that now allow me a connection between the etheric frequencies, and the patterns of physical expression, so that I can read what is inscribed on the matter. Particularly between the essence and the body, of a human being.

I have kept my mouth shut about it and only told light versions of it to some people because I was scare sh*tless of the diverse judgments and jealousy I knew people would peg on me, and I had my plate full provoking the alchemy to resolve the memory of my genes, so I could bring my body and I, to live in the frequencies of living we now enjoy.

I get it if some people read my words, or hear me speaking, and believe iAm full of it. But fortunate are those who recognize my truth, in alignment with the Truth. And even more if they see and take heed of what I present. Yet, blessed are those who are on a path of awakening their body into the awareness of who they are -as the essence-, and work in conjunction to manifest Love, the Truth that sets them free and renders them sovereign, that then provokes the peaceful Justice that is operating now, on this planet.

With these words I let you be, and encourage you to sit in contemplation because not just any crazy person would risk public ridicule to present the miracle that is already taking place, in my body.

With love in joy,

Diana Ravagli