I had a feeling I had a bone deficiency, but I had no idea the doctor would say that I had lost 40 to 45% of my bone mass, after I asked him to give me a percentage referring to what he kept calling “severe osteoporosis.” And I thought “Shit! That’s a lot! I didn’t realize it was that much.” 

There was one of those quiet, eternal moments where you are out-of-time, and completely in the nOw. Yeah?!

And then, the Dr. continued to inform me of what the diagnosis meant. He told me about medication, but that it is advised to take no more than 5 years and it can cause “fatty liver”, a bad idea given that the liver is even more important than the heart for living these days, which meant not an option for me, especially when I can provoke a miracle like I had, twice already. 

As he continued informing me, I immediately claimed a fUlly restored skeletal structure! I started feeling/scanning my body curious to determine what it would take for a full recovery. Right away I was able to recognize this miracle was different than the other two. The first was a matter of vanishing a growth on my cervix that covered about 45% of my cervix’s surface. And the second had been an internal shift to align my perceptions in my body, to one of acceptance and gratitude for my experience exactly as it was happening that healed my thyroid. But this third one was a matter of adding, and not just anything; we’re talking about bone mass, which is the densest mass of the body. 

Timing had been no issue for me before because iAm able to manifest out of time, or what most people recognize as, in a quantic manner. But I was stung with the task at hand. For the first miracle I used the date I was given to return, as the date I would come back healed, so I decided to use the suggested date of re-evaluation as a marker, which the Dr. said would be in six months. 

That date has come and passed and I did not bother to check because I was still dealing with a relationship in my personal experience that demanded my full presence. But from a couple of moths ago now, that relationship shifted. So iAm now focusing fully on manifesting this miracle, which coincides with the preparation of a sanctuary iAm getting ready to start sharing the consciousness I have anchored through my body to tell a story Life, Gaia, my body and I have been preparing to tell you, since my body was 9 years of age, when I claimed my body’s sovereignty.

I made the decision to offer all the energetic and physical investment iAm making to produce my miracle, as the bases and preparation of the space, so I can facilitate the workshops, classes, courses and events I have planned, after I gain enough momentum in my bone healing. This was a no-brainer since iAm already exercising this consciousness -Meta Awareness- and this geographic space is getting soaked with the necessary light to produce my miracle. 

The first thing that happened for me when I started this journey was that I became ill, precisely the day I had appointed as the day I would start my recovery, as I mentioned in my first blog. Of course, I had to first see what a needed to realign as my priorities, in order to fuel the manifestation of my miracle. 

Once I got that clear, the following step was to seek a better alignment between my energy and my body, and the easiest way to attain that level of intimacy needed between us, I need to completely let go of my own perceptions and entrust myself to the directionality Life and Gaia show me, while I focus entirely on wiring a deeper connection with my body, so that it feels at ease and open because that allows me to soak my energy/light further into the bones.

That exercise naturally dispels what is creating distortions in the body and field yielding a greater sense of comfort and joy in the selfness -meaning centered in the alignment between my body and I- that after gaining momentum produces bliss, which is the natural inherent vibration of a human being.

The goal now is to maintain my body’s vibration in bliss-mode on a consistent basis because at that point, my body naturally produces the frequency that builds the bone mass needed to reconstruct my skeletal structure. 

And there you have the steps to manifest a miracle. So stay tuned, as I unveil this miracle to you.