Holistic Consultant and Instructor
If you’re ready to stop repeating patterns of trauma, disconnection, receiving less than you give, and not knowing how to move forward, as a Human Energetics specialist I support you into embodying calmness and balance, so you can gain empowered dominion of your energy, time and space, as the basis of your everyday living.


Steve Long

France, Europe

She can hold you and support you from wherever you are, guiding you through what you need to shift in order to elevate yourself to your own personal harmonious state of being. Her refined ability to read and translate energy makes her the perfect guide to reveal to you what is not working, and how to get your energy flowing coherently on a consistent basis.

Stefan Grafstein


Diana is one of the most present, loving and inspired people I have worked with. She has helped me to see the places in myself where there is a lack of alignment in my thoughts and choices. I consider myself to be someone who is very self aware and who has done a lot of work on improving myself. She has helped me in taking my self awareness to the next level of noticing the minutiae of ways I want to be choosing my thoughts and words to support what I am wanting in life. Diana has a highly developed intuitive sense. She knows when she needs to be firm to call me out on when I am not seeing what I could be seeing. She also has a huge heart and can be tender as an angel, when needed to give support. She has a clear understanding of how people work. She sees how our minds, hearts, bodies and souls operate together and how to apply her skills and knowledge to best support us in living our highest life and being out best self.

J. Saunders


I have been able to dive deep into my psyche with Diana’s help. With kindness, accuracy and humor, she has a straightforward approach that cuts through the bull to open space inside and relationally. Her balance between a feminine and masculine perspective shed some light onto aspects of my self I had no idea were causing me the entanglements I kept experiencing in my personal and work relationships. Thank you, Diana. I appreciate your practical wisdom.



There is a stubbornness that is sometimes hard to detect in ourselves. I had some very negative patterns that were hard for me to admit because I didn’t think I could change them. I had told myself there was no other way for me. Diana’s persistent gentleness opened me to the river of my heart, in a way no other woman had and I was touched by her wisdom to work with my anger and turn it toward my personal observation instead of the victimization I was playing out. Diana cracked me open and gave me the tools I needed to feel deserving and build on hope and trust. I have a better life and better relationships now like I couldn’t even imagine before. I am living a happy life, something I had given up many years ago. This woman is worth many times in gold what she weights. She’s a powerhouse helping people. Thank you Diana for all your help.

J. A

Vancouver, Canada

For me, activating divine men is a truly unique gathering of powerful men GUIDED not lead, by an equally powerful woman. I have taken a lot from this group and understood myself better for it….You will see me again. I am looking forward to learning more in Activating Divine Men, and experiencing more about my own activation and just becoming a better man as the result of it. Thank-you Diana for holding such a big and loving space for all of us. It’s a pleasure to be a part of the group; very interesting and inspiring. I look forward to doing it again in the new year.

K. Hendrick


Diana is enthusiastic, gentle, highly intelligent, and committed to whatever type of work she is doing, be it as simple as listening in a conversation, to the complexity of holding and assisting in physical and energetic space for healing. Diana understands the many levels of the human body (bodies), which gives much depth to her bodywork. While Diana spent time opening channels and realigning different parts of my body, I found that I was able to quiet my mind and tune in to the mechanics of my own body like I hadn’t done in the past. Bodywork with Diana is like bodywork from your grandmother; tender, meticulous, respectful, and genuine. I found afterwards I was much more open, I could feel space inside and around my body open up!! I had to go to work later in the day, and felt like I was floating through space, very calm, very present, and completely realigned. Diana is able to align the physical aspects of the body, while communicating and aligning with that of the spiritual body as well. Diana has a gift with people, and understands the complex workings of human life. If you’re looking for body work that will help integrate YOUR SPIRIT into YOUR BODY – this is it! What more could you ask for?! I am confident Diana will be a huge help in bettering your life with her bodywork. Enjoy!!

S. Greenfield


I had no idea what to expect of Diana, as a life coach. She was highly recommended, but I wasn’t sure the sweet and easygoing woman I met would deliver the power I needed to get me unstuck. But don’t let her smile fool you for a second. Even through a long-distance series of appointments (I bought a package of 10 I highly recommend), she was able to guide me into physical sensations she had no way of knowing I was feeling other than applying her ability to feel and see right through me. And then she’d show me how my thoughts, words and actions were creating those physical knots and blocks. I got so many practical tools to apply and maintain the alignment I got from our sessions. Thank you for helping me attain my healing and the flow to enjoy my life from a new perspective.

M. Yapelli


Diana Ravagli has assisted me in improving my life. She has a wonderful skill set. With her combination of skill, compassion and intuition she helped me get past limiting beliefs and behaviors and to create new empowering ones in the area of relationships and health. She guided me in ending internal conflicts. She has helped me see things in a new light and opened my eyes to things I could not see previously. She is very committed to helping her clients become the best they can to be. With her help my life now has more meaning. Thank you Diana!

E. Trotter


Diana, you are one of the most intelligent, down to earth, mesmerizing, beautiful, talented and sexy woman I have ever had the luck to come across. Truth be told, your “little human heart” is far larger and more powerful than anyone I have ever met. The first time I heard you speak, I was floored by your power, love, insight and energy. When I spoke with you, it was cemented and I was filled with the joy and wonder of a little child. Thank you for helping me to change my life. Go do what you do and help others change. You are a magical being, and I am eternally grateful for your blessed existence and feel that you bless the world along with those you encounter with your presence, energy, emotions and being. Thank you for being you, and gracing/blessing this world and every one/thing you come into contact with.


Vancouver, Canada

My overall impression of consulting with you is that you are attuned to all things intangible and have a large repertoire of strategies, information and techniques to work through issues. In addition to this, you are extremely good at verbalizing how to move through these strategies, allowing me to easily access deep personal information and take control of myself –allowing me to be the person I want to be in this life. As a result of our sessions, I have become better able to identify my own feelings, desires and gifts. I’ve been able to untangle and identify areas where I was confused about what I was feeling, doing and thinking. I specifically enjoy the level to which you are attuned to the intangible and how you make that accessible. You also identify tangible ways to process intangible life issues and use beautiful symbolism to connect them. You have given me many specific tools to process and grow. I have increased my self-awareness and thus increased my capacity to grow. You have also given me the capacity to identify my strengths in my line of work and focus them, providing better support to others. I recommend you because you have the capacity to help people succeed at whatever their goal or focus may be. By assisting people to expand their awareness of themselves, their surroundings, and giving people the opportunity to become the best version of themselves they can be, your counsel can help in any facet of life.



Without a doubt, Diana is my first choice, and even my only choice with bodywork. She is extremely intuitive in her approach and combines traditional forms of massage with her unique and very advanced energy-based bodywork, a special experience you do not want to miss. It is really a kind of body shamanism. Her work is both deep and powerful—physically to be sure, and also emotionally, psychically, and spiritually. I leave the sessions feeling cleaned and cleared. This is where her intuition comes in: She knows exactly where to go, what to target, and what energy needs to be moved. Diana is also extremely thorough in her approach and will work on areas of your body ignored by most massage therapists—for example your ears and face, your hands and fingers, feet and toes. Words cannot describe how amazing it was to have my ears massaged, including the opening of the ear canals, in an entirely safe way. Given her thoroughness, I recommend booking a long session with her, so you can experience it all. In essence, Diana is a healer, who uses massage and bodywork as her modality. She has my highest recommendation!

Adama Hamilton

Ashland, USA

Being extremely energy sensitive, I want someone who is highly sensitive and skilled to work with me physically, as well as energetically. I received a very conscious, deep, sensitive, healing and highly focused Body Work that went beyond the physical. What I enjoyed the most was the sensitivity and clear focus and integrity that was offered and shown throughout the session, and I felt more aligned physically afterwards. Also, I noticed a reduction in stress physically and mentally, plus it’s helped to bring me back to my center once again.

Recommended Products

Did you know the quality of your living is greatly dependent on the nourishment you provide to your body? Diana recommends products that support you in accumulating the energy that feeds your well being at higher frequencies of living. These products are Diana's personal choices, so she can attest they are of excellent quality and deliver the support you need creating the realities you want.