The Dawn of a New Living 

“Adversity is but the dawn of a path anew, for it is there to show us
what needs to be transformed, in order to propel us into a fresh beginning.”

Vol. 1 - No. 1 - January 2021

The publication of this Newsletter represents a graduating point in my experience as a human being. Following here, I share with you the results of my devoted work, and the joy in my heart celebrating this huge accomplishment. And I hope you are touched with the intention, with which iAm now presenting it to you.

I do not see the Universe through the perception of most. At age six, I began the alchemical transformation of dictating the expression of my matter. And I claimed my sovereignty at nine, when I began anchoring being a self-sufficient human being. I have lived at the speed of Life. And even though I had no courage to tell anyone the real directionality I was working with because I was following and guarding the purity of my heart, alas here I sit, in the comfort of my own designed New Life that is the exact experience I have worked for, in discipline and devotion, for 42 years. It took me 48 years exercising the DNA I inherited, and alchemizing it for 42 within awareness, to be able to enjoy the richness of my personal experience now. 

Perhaps my story sounds unreal, or enhanced, but in the event you’re able to recognize my accomplishment, iAm here sharing it with you knowing it offers the ability to seed and support, a holistic joyful living. 

I have already began to reap the beauty of what I seeded. Not as an ideology, or something being said, but feeling it and watching Life unfold for me, every single day now, within harmony and joy.

I also have at hand the keys of how I have been doing all that work, so I could explain to you how I did it, and how you can do it also, in the easiest, most efficient (meaning the best return for the least investment, and for all parties involved), and joyful manner, through a simple shift in perspective that is much simpler than anything the system teaches, on how to operate as Human Beings.

The perspective I work with requires a precise awakening of our DNA, and a specific manipulation of it, in order to remove the "splinters" passed from generation to generation that create the misalignments, or more accurately called diverted investments of personal energy. 

I have decided to keep private who iAm and what I was working with, up until now, because I was doing the work needed with my own body, for me to be fully incarnated and functioning 100% from this perspective because this way now, iAm informing you of a frequency, instead of only giving you information about it, and soon the difference will become evident for all. And because I was very busy deciphering how to present all this information to you in a graceful and coherent manner that would be indisputable because, iAm aware of how incredulous it can seem.

Finally, today, my day has come to publicly share who iAm, and what I created this body for, which is this very message of awareness and a completely new perspective, on what a Human Being is, and the New Golden Era Sentient Beings are in, now.

Please know everything you receive from me this moment forward is the result of very intricately woven material constructed with the intentionality of facilitating your personal empowerment. iAm sincerely grateful to be able to finally deliver all this information! And iAm sincerely eager to have many more of us being able to operate from this Theta frequency of living, where we get to operate within awareness, and thus sovereignty, that equals presence. Living is delicious from this perspective! 


My Mission

Following, iAm presenting you the results of the work I commenced within awareness in 1978, and then began translating it to be of service to all human beings, in March 2017, in order to manage my sovereignty and create my abundance through free and paid material that supports you claiming your own living, as well.

My mission here is anchoring a holistic new field of study for human beings called Human Energetics, which is the study on how to operate humanness from, an energetic perspective that naturally leads with the highest meta program we can direct our Living from since everything is subsequent to energy.  This energetic perspective facilitates our sovereignty and unites us into working together, in order to move forward in the easiest and most natural way we best function. It is using Human Energetics that I have moved into a New Life of my own design, where I get to create at will the realities I wish to step into. This living is as amazing as it sounds, so I thought I share it, as my invitation for you to see if it may be of benefit to you.


Moments w Me

In order to share the wisdom I have attained, I have designed various ways. First, allow me to introduce you to Moments w Me; my YouTube channel. I created this space, in order to open a conversation about Human Energetics, by presenting you with my own experiences of living within awareness, connected to the Natural Matrix and operating from sovereignty. Moments w Me is one of the ways iAm delivering activations and seeding awareness, in you.
Below, you can find the links to last month’s episodes. The material is completely FREE, and I invite you to subscribe and hit the bell, so you can be notified when new material comes out. I’d love to hear from you in the comments there! And of course, feel free to share if you want to offer the information to others.

Golden Ray Knowledge & Sanctuary

A huge vanguard project I have been anchoring single handedly into the physical realms since March 2017, until late 2020, I have also anchored the curriculum for a progressive school of wisdom called Golden Ray Knowledge & Sanctuary, a school and retreat center based on the principles of Human Energetics, where our mission is supporting individuals from personal development, through self-actualization, to self-realization, and into self-mastery, by using collective energy for prompted evolutionary blossoming and re-integration, within sovereignty. It is an intimate personal journey, powered by group dynamics.

Sensory Circuitry Activation

Next in line, I present to you my latest addition to the array of offer, called SCA, which stands for Sensory Circuitry Activation. This audio series is a chill back, straightforward, sincere expression offering a unique experience, where I take you on a journey into your inner dimensionality, provide activations and seed awareness in you, through the intimacy of sharing my living and a Human Energetics perspective, on how to operate as a human being. SCA delivers an alignment and reconnection to the Natural Matrix, and thus, your original blueprint. These activations are exclusively available through the newsletter. 

Personalized Support

In addition, my services for personalized support now reflect my natural abilities to read energy such as claisentience, clairaudience and clairvoyance I use, in conjunction with my ability with the multiple skills I have learned and developed, such as manipulating energy, epigenetics, alchemy, NLP, and hypnotherapy to name a few; all which conform to the guidelines of Nikola Tesla’s “Theory on building Human Energy”. iAm happy to support you clearing any discomfort, or misalignment you might be experiencing, so you can move forward into your self-mastery.  For this, visit the Booking page on my website.

Stay Attuned

If you’re into public media, then check out my Instagram and Facebook pages. iAm posting little golden nuggets there, and you might find something you enjoy. And remember to let me know you dropped by! Or you can connect w me, through my website

Finally, know that I honour you, and I hope you can feel loved and appreciated, for all the work you are doing here as a human being. Thank You for being here with me opening your time and attention, to this vanguard approach. And feel free to share the newsletter with those you feel can draw value from it. iAm grateful to your contribution to spreading this awareness they’ll know they can trust the material being presented has value. 

Looking forward to our next meeting!
Sending you my love.
From my bliss,



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