The Dawn of a New Living

“Adversity is but the dawn of a path anew, for it is there to show us
what needs to be transformed, in order to propel us into a fresh beginning.”

Vol. 1 - No. 2 - September 2021


It's been a while since the previous newsletter, and it's because I have been very busy, so I have lots to share with you.

For starters, as you can see, I shaved my head. This was a plan I had from when I entered my New Life (on September 4, 2020). However, that physical rebirth took place at a time I had just returned to Canada late August, 2020, when I was staying at a friend's place, first in quarantine for two weeks, and then until I got fully landed. 

By the end of September, I began working with Kenneth Berentzen, who was also taking sessions with me. At the beginning of October, Lucidity Portal was born and Kenneth and I got busy with the development of that YouTube channel. I continued tending to my previous channel Moments w Me, who's existence I had already been nurturing since earlier in the year. Finally, by mid-October I moved into my new home - a semi-permanent reality I created to grant me the grounding I needed to give the physical rooting I wanted, to Human Energetics.

Life and Gaia provided me with a sweet home, literally siting on a bed of roses with a room the size I wanted, the closet I wanted, the window I wanted and facing East, as I also wanted, which was punctuated with finding the red chair I wanted (the one you can see in the recordings).

Soon after my move, my new website was designed and my developer (Kenneth) mentioned it'd be a good idea to take the pics for the website with hair, so I commemorated the move by cutting my hair and facing the camera (one of the hardest things I've faced with this body). 

So many changes and everything happening so fast in my New Life that I had to pay attention to everything to make sure I was giving steady steps forward, while being responsible for so many realities that were including others in my field, as well. 

And then, SCA begged for its birth (since I was pregnant with it since the summer of 2019), which prompted me to put together the first newsletter The Dawn of a New Living, where I also introduced Golden Ray Knowledge & Sanctuary (GRKS), the school and sanctuary iAm anchoring at the physical level, now. (If you have not yet seen that newsletter, here's the link to check it out

From there, introducing the iAm Movement ( and Lucidity Portal were my main focus of attention for the 28 days that lasted, which helped me birth The FJ Experience - A 40 day holistic practice of embodiment in the easiest, most efficient, and joyful way. I run the pilot for it at the end of April, and it was a great success (more information about this in the following newsletter, for those who want to find out more and enrol).

All that happened! And then, I started my own FJ Experience in June, when it finally felt like it was the correct timing to shaved my head and start a new chapter, in my relationship with my body. Plus, it was a nice and hot summer. It's been a long journey, but one I have worked toward and look forward to sharing with you, as I will soon start recording a movie about it. 

Aside of shaving my head, my experience of mentorship has broadened catering to two, now, and GRKS has moved from my solo guardianship, to a trio representing and working diligently to bring Human Energetics to you! And my book Human Energetics - A total recall for the art of crafting a human being and claiming personal sovereignty is getting completed and edited.

Today, iAm happy to share the celebration of my solar return commemorating the start of my jubilee year working with this DNA, after having celebrated the first year in my New Life, on September 4, 2021.

For now, iAm enjoying the exact place I find my self in, incarnated in this blissful and fulfilling celebration, with a full basket of my harvest, and many seeds to soon bud. And most importantly, iAm no longer hiding the very abilities I hid most about my self before. 

I look forward to hearing form you! Leave me a comment and come join our community in Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube 😉

With love in joy,


Golden Ray Knowledge & Sanctuary

There comes a time in one's experience when the stars align and we encounter dynamic beings with who we recognize we can manifest realities with simple fluidity because we can play together well. Such is the fortune I encountered by posting a Lucidity Portal video that picked Steve's curiosity, enough for him to be one of the participants of the FJ Experience

Steve has a dynamic personality and a background in psychotherapy since 2002, when he studied with some of the best teachers of applied psychology from all over France were teaching. He learned different models of therapy in theory and in application. He started practicing in 2005, and loved it! And the results were miraculous.

Then, in 2008 created group sessions with a friend, for stress management and personal development until 2011, when he made a career change that prompted him away from facilitating space for the healing of others, until his passion got reignited by the results he got and witnessed through applying Human Energetics.

Golden Ray Knowledge & Sanctuary officially welcomes Steve Long to its roster of Light Keepers and facilitators.

Steve is now a committed enrolled student of GRKS, who is also editing Human Energetics -  A total recall of the art for crafting a human being and claiming personal sovereignty, at the moment.  

Moving forward, Steve wants to support people who are willing to clearly see their current ways of functioning are not working for them anymore, and who are dedicated to installing new ways of being.

Moments w Me

In order to share the wisdom I have attained, I have designed various ways. First, allow me to introduce you to Moments w Me; my YouTube channel. I created this space, in order to open a conversation about Human Energetics, by presenting you with my own experiences of living within awareness, connected to the Natural Matrix and operating from sovereignty. Moments w Me is one of the ways iAm delivering activations and seeding awareness, in you.
Below, you can find the links to the episodes since the last newsletter. The material is completely FREE, and I invite you to subscribe and hit the bell, so you can be notified when new material comes out. I’d love to see your participation in the comments! And of course, feel free to share if you want to offer the information to others. Thank you!

Lucidity Portal

Lucidity Portal is another avenue that I have created from the purity of my heart to offer discussions about how to attain lucidity about a practical living, from an energetic perspective. Here are a couple of videos for you to flavour.

No. 2 

Sensory Circuitry Activation

SCA stands for Sensory Circuitry Activation.
This audio series is a chill back, straightforward, sincere expression offering a  unique experience, where I take you on a journey into your inner dimensionality, provide activations and seed awareness in you, through the intimacy of sharing my living and a Human Energetics perspective, on how to operate as a human being. SCA delivers an alignment and reconnection to the Natural Matrix, and thus, your original blueprint. These activations are exclusively available through the newsletter. 

Personalized Support

In addition, my services for personalized support now reflect my natural abilities to read energy such as claisentience, clairaudience and clairvoyance I use, in conjunction with my ability of the multiple skills I have learned and developed, such as manipulating energy, epigenetics, alchemy, NLP, and hypnotherapy to name a few; all which conform to the guidelines of Nikola Tesla’s “Theory on building Human Energy”. iAm happy to support you clearing any discomfort, or misalignment you might be experiencing, so you can move forward into your self-mastery.  For this, visit the Booking page on my website.

Stay Attuned

If you’re into public media, then check out my Instagram and Facebook pages. iAm posting little golden nuggets there, and you might find something you enjoy. And remember to let me know you dropped by! Or you can connect w me, through my website


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