Become the higher self, fully embodied!

Living on this planet was never intended
to be carried out remote control.

The FJ Experience

A 40 Day Frequency Jump embodiment practice

Spirituality and science have granted the knowledge needed to provoke the mental elasticity to accept a human being is not only a body. Now, Human Energetics comes to pave the way to comprehend what human beings really are, from an energetic and thus, holistic perspective. And The FJ Experience is a methodical, reliable and practical strategy, with tools to help you get clarity, fine-tune your personal alignment and embodiment of the higher self, to seed the rhythm of success in your daily experience, and manifest realities as the creator of your living!

You are here because you want your living to improove in some way. Or because you have gained enough momentum in maintaining a consistent enough harmonious frequency of living, that you now form part of the collective of humanity holding residency, beyond the dualistic perspective of living, and want to ensure you have the tools to maintain your frequency holistic plasticity of what you call your self, as a human being. 


youre making sure you calibrate well to stay in the frequencies of living you enjoy and want to get stable in the game of living this quality of embodiment you feel sincerely successful, and want to maintain?

Do you want to improve your living?

You are ready to step into a New Life, where what you want is completely possible!

Reconnect to what really ignites your passion, with The FJ Experience, so you can finally step out and shine your light onto the world, in the specific way it manifests through yOu!

You finally want to take action towards being the person you know you came here to be!

Are you ready to take your living
to an entire new quality of experience?

Does this describe you?

  • You know that something needs to change, but you are not sure what, and/or how to make it happen
  • You have tried to make changes, but it didn’t turn out the way you thought, or had hoped
  • Your living is going well and you are ready to step into the next level, but you are unsure of how 
  • You have a deep desire to rejoice in the comfort of your body, but you are unclear of how and where to start

  • You are ready to fully align, but need the reflection to see the areas you need to stretch into
  • You are ready to fulfil your living, but you are not clear how to best manifest what you want
  • You are passionate and have many plans, but are tired of waiting for the right time and the universe to align 
  • You are ready to walk to the edge of the unknown to birth the realities you want!

You have come to the right place

What is The FJ Experience?

The FJ Experience is an elegant multilayer process of refinement for embodiment to support you to realign essence and matter to function as one, within awareness. It is the distilled and abbreviated version of the work woven into Diana’s own biology over many years, through working with Life, Gaia, epigenetics, alchemy, and human energetics, to the point of upgrading her body into a completely New Life, of her own design.

Why The Experience?

Simply put, The FJ Experience offers you the choice to get into the driver’s seat of your human being experience, through a practical approach that facilitates a profound emergence into the necessary embodiment and awareness to claim your sovereignty, and thus enabling you to choose and create the living you desire, at yOur will!

When is The Experience taking place?

It takes 21 days to clear a habit, and 40 to install a new pattern of living. There are 12 spots available and The FJ Experience starts on Tuesday, February, 28, 2023, and concludes on Saturday, April 15, 2023.

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In the 40 days you will:

Clear your body of toxins and impurities

Shed old beliefs and reprogram your mind

Reconnect your essence  to the Natural Matrix

Develop the confidence to achieve your dreams

 Your heart’s calling emerges,
when your body is compelled by your essence

Steve says:
“Welcome to the wonder of your true mission: 
Get to know your self!”

“I cannot go back to the way I used to live. I now love and respect my body and want my body to have the best care. I’m realizing that no one else can or will care for my body the way that I can. And no one else needs to understand the choices that I make for my body. My new way of living is completely sustainable. I can look forward to continuing to make small daily changes that add up to big shifts.”


The rewards from this journey have completely surpassed my expectations. It has been amazing to feel the changes in my experience, and seeing them last. I now have a harmonious relationship with my own body, and a joy for living that I did not think was possible. Taking a chance and trusting Diana and her guidance has been the best decision I have ever made in my life. My gratitude towards her goes far beyond what I am able to express, and I am forever thankful to her. I sincerely hope you, like I did, decide to sign up for The FJ Experience to elevate your own life, and trust that Diana will support you every step of the way. You will never regret letting courage guide you, into a better way of living.


/FJ Participant

I had no idea what to expect of Diana as a life coach. She was highly recommended, but I wasn’t sure the sweet and easygoing woman I met would deliver the power I needed to get me unstuck. But don’t let her smile fool you for a second. Even through a long-distance series of appointments (I bought a package of 10 I highly recommend), she was able to guide me into physical sensations she had no way of knowing I was feeling other than with her ability to feel and see right through me. And then she showed me how my interpretation of my reality was creating those physical knots and blocks. I got so many practical tools to apply and maintain the alignment I got from our sessions. Thank you for helping me attain my healing and the flow to enjoy my life from a new perspective.

S. Greenfield


An Overview

Weekly personalized support
to shift, and stay on track

Detailed daily directions for
compounded results,
and ease of expansion

A reconnection into the
Natural Matrix frequency

Powered by group dynamics
to build momentum together

Synchronization and equalization
between the essence and the body

Embodiment into at least, the next
scale up in frequency of living

A fUn and unique way to jump
by using Human Energetics 

The 3 filters Human Energetics uses



The FJ Experience mimics Life, in consistently looking for the easiest way to connect and express; such is the seeking in human beings for the easiest and most coherent way we can organize our living to manifest personal will in the physical planes. 


Most Efficient

Time and Energy are the most precious commodities a human being has, which is why The FJ Experience focuses on delivering the greatest return, for the least energetic investment.



Sentient Beings share an inherent common thread desire for personal fulfilment that yields joy. Therefore, The FJ Experience was designed to ensure a forward movement within a pleasurable flow that adds sweetness to your living.

Meet Your Guide, Diana

“Embodiment is the grown up, of spirituality.”

Diana is the creator of Human Energetics, a complete library of information that reveals how human beings can naturally operate within the Natural Matrix. Based on this knowledge, she can support any human being who is yearning for personal development and mastery since she comprehends the building blocks of living on this planet.

Diana has been developing and refining her craft since she was nine years of age, at which time she stepped into her own personal sovereignly with the support of Life and Gaia. Because she has been on this journey for many years, she has carved out a methodical and practical way of elevating her frequency of living by diving deep into her own matter.

Her reliable methodology consistently produces prompt, deep, efficient and permanent results, be it through classes or private sessions, for all who are ready to enjoy embodied living. She offers a refreshing, accurate, and unique perspective on how nature operates, which easily allows other human beings to elevate their own frequency with elegance, and according to their own personal intent.

The Frequency Jump

Diana uses a heart-centered perspective to tune into you energetically that combined with her multi-layer sensory abilities allow her to easily detect and guide to correct anything that is deviating you from what you came to fully embody on this planet. Her energy field works on an inter-dimensional level, where she traverses time and space to tap into past and future timelines. She can also tap into your full potential that has not yet manifested in your current reality, and pull whatever energy is needed by you now, at the physical level.

She can hold you and support you from wherever you are, guiding you through what you need to shift in order to elevate yourself to your own personal harmonious state of being. Diana’s refined ability to read and translate energy makes her the perfect guide to reveal to you what is not working, and how to get your energy flowing coherently on a consistent basis.

Lene says:
“Jump in and invest in your wellbeing.”

“Now that I have had some time to reflect on my weeks in The FJ Experience, I realize how many extraordinary things Diana has helped me resolved in my life. Issues that I have been struggling with almost my entire life. Diana has actually handed me the keys to unlock my boxes and let my struggles out for good.”


The FJ Experience is the best practical program I have ever been part of. It is fun to show up every day with something new and exciting to embody. It’s an amazing program, and I love the way Diana holds us energetically during the entire time. I love the way she introduces golden nuggets every day. I feel the FJ is a treasure chest, where I get to experience my body, and my living experience, in a much deeper way. I really love to0 see how everyone in the group are growing and look more like themselves, embodied, super powerful! Because Diana has so much experience, she is able to tune in to what I am doing and correct course, even if we did not even talk about it! Diana makes this experience extraordinary!


/FJ Participant

I had some very negative patterns that were hard for me to admit because I didn’t think I could change them. I had told myself there was no other way for me. Diana’s persistent gentleness opened me to the river of my heart, in a way no other woman had and I was touched by her wisdom to work with my anger and turn it toward my personal observation instead of the victimization I was playing out. Diana cracked me open and gave me the tools I needed to feel deserving and build on hope and trust. I have a better life and better relationships now like I couldn’t even imagine before. I am living a happy life, something I had given up many years ago. This woman is worth many times in gold what she weights. She’s a powerhouse helping people. Thank you Diana for all your help.



What you get by attending this workshop


  • 40 Days, new material every day ( $6000 )
  • 7 (2 hrs) Group sessions ( $2100 )
  • 6 (1.5hrs) Personalized guidance ( $900 )

Priceless Value

  • Energetic adjustments and attunements
  • Access to Diana’s deep knowledge and extrasensory abilities to guide you
  • Hidden knowledge about how to raise your frequency
  • Access to leading edge tested tools that yield accountable results
  • Knowledge about how your body’s energy system works
40 Days priced at:
One time payment of
CAD $2,899
Final payment due three days before Day 0
Two payments of
CAD $1,450

Who is this workshop for?

If you want to move past any obstacles and upgrade your living at any capacity, this is your ticket!  Welcoming participants between 18-80 years of age.

  • If you want to manifest the living you always wanted
  • You dare to face your every outcome has a direct correlation to the quality of alignment in you
  • Shed old patterns to fully step into your now!
  • Fully land your iAm essence into your body
  • You have the courage to live your best experience, as a human being
  • You want to be of service to humanity

I deeply care about you reaching your full potential!


           It is my honor to support you on this journey of alchemizing your DNA, so you can weave energy here, as the creator of your living!

It takes courage, resilience, and energetic maturity to be able to manage the voltage of infusing peace consistently enough, into your matter, to create the coherence needed, to shine the Light of who you are, at the physical level.

I have the capacity to guide you into, and through your internal pathways, so you recognize your patterns. As you identify the patterns, you can uninstall them and choose what to put in their place. As a consequence and advantage, you also get to learn very deeply about the Universe because, when you study your humanness, you study your depth, and at that level of intimacy with your inner-dimensionality, Life transparently reveals the very codes of existence to the seeker. That effort yields an organization at the practical level that aligns the essence to its matter giving birth to the “magician”, in each Human Being who walks that path.

So the question to face is: Are you ready to dance with Life, at Her speed, at this physical level?

    The FJ Experience takes you through
    the steps to put the iAm into
    the commander’s seat of your body

    Phases of the Experience


    Setting the space parameters


    • Feel the excitement as you start anchoring only, your own energy into your body and field
    • Experience the connection and support of the group’s collective field
    • Start embodying the iAm presence, a wider perspective, and manifesting your goals


    Closing realities


    • Clear and release previous patterns that arise from the discord between the new frequency you step into, and the old realities that no longer serve you
    • Explore the genetic information passed down to you, through your lineage, and decide what you want to update
    • Unify your essence with your body and close unnecessary realities


    Experiencing the alignment


    • Feel the momentum of your updated presence building in your field
    • See events from a wider, and objective perspective
    • Direct your energy towards where you want to go, by planting the seeds for improved actions and reactions


    Anchoring the new energy


    • Update your daily living with powerful, personalized routines
    • Build even more momentum by consistently focusing on your own energy
    • Redraw your personal boundaries to enhance the feelings of the personal safety and comfort that builds trust


    Manifesting your vision


    • Hone in on exactly what realities you want to experience
    • Anchor and mobilize your newfound energy to create physical momentum, in the quality of frequency you desire to manifest your realities
    • Plan every detail of the future that you choose to inhabit


    Reaping the harvest


    • Continue to build momentum with your daily practices
    • Embrace the new opportunities Life and Gaia are now offering you according to your investment
    • Anchor your new reality and create an updated vision of the future

    Collective Voltage

    In The FJ Experience you have the luxury of doing your individual work, with company, in a way that supports you to use not only 100% of your own energy, yet also, the combined energy of the collective for The FJ, which increases exponentially.

    Among the participants alone, without counting the facilitator(s), the energy of the collective adds up to 7900%. That energy becomes available to each participant, and it is how in a group, living becomes enhanced.

    Kenneth says:
    “Get ready to never be the same!”

    “The results are amazing, it’s only looking back that I see how much I have changed. I have felt very supported in the perfect way, for me to shift what I needed to shift. Diana is excellent at adjusting and guiding the energy to create the bump up in frequency. Diana’s personality is very joyful, she is always bubbling with energy and enthusiasm in a high vibration.”


    It is a complete package for change. The pace is really good – a stretch without being overwhelmed. I’d also describe it as a big reset. I’ve come to question many beliefs and confront situations that I would not have otherwise done on my own. In fact, the biggest changes that I needed to make in my life right now would not have come so gracefully without this experience. I have realized that it’s up to me to create my living. I enjoy being in a state of open presence and I realize it’s possible to always be in this state. I also really appreciate the 1:1 calls and group calls. I have felt very supported in the perfect way, for me to shift what I needed to shift, Diana is excellent at adjusting the energy, and guiding things to create the bump up in frequency. Looking back I’m amazed about how much I’ve accomplished over the past weeks by making well-chosen changes. 


    /FJ Participant

    My overall impression of consulting with you is that you are attuned to all things intangible and have a large repertoire of strategies, information and techniques to work through issues. In addition to this, you are extremely good at verbalizing how to move through these strategies, allowing me to easily access deep personal information and take control of myself –allowing me to be the person I want to be in this life. As a result of our sessions, I have become better able to identify my own feelings, desires and gifts. I’ve been able to untangle and identify areas where I was confused about what I was feeling, doing and thinking. I specifically enjoy the level to which you are attuned to the intangible and how you make that accessible. You also identify tangible ways to process intangible life issues and use beautiful symbolism to connect them. You have given me many specific tools to process and grow. I have increased my self-awareness and thus increased my capacity to grow. You have also given me the capacity to identify my strengths in my line of work and focus them, providing better support to others. I recommend you because you have the capacity to help people succeed at whatever their goal or focus may be. By assisting people to expand their awareness of themselves, their surroundings, and giving people the opportunity to become the best version of themselves they can be, your counsel can help in any facet of life.



    Unique Personalized Opportunity

    Exclusive offer, limited to 12 participants, so be sure to apply soon! After purchasing your spot to The FJ Experience, you will receive an email with details to follow, so you can start preparing!

    CAD $2,899*
    *plus personal supplies

    Clean your body from distorted energies,
    learn to distinguish between other influences and your own energy,

    bring harmony to your living,
    in addition to reconnecting to the Natural Matrix.

    Distinctive Benefits

    Personalized weekly

    Weekly Zoom meetings
    with all participants

    Access to exclusive
    vanguard knowledge

    More than 40 days of daily embodiment practices 

    The FJ Experience is a personal,
    interactive, and unique embodiment workshop

    In the FJ You Will:

    • Receive a straight forward guide on how to manifest your living as you desire, at the physical level
    • Shed old distorted patterns, both physically and energetically, from your field
    • Clear your energy field to create the living you’ve always wanted
    • Learn how to manage your energy, between the etheric and physical planes
    • Get tools that grow with you based on your own personal progress
    • Align your personal energy with your body, and activate your passion for living
    • Build a New Life through your drive, and the conviction of knowing how to move forward!

    It is time for you to step into your birth-right as a human being,
    and fully land as the iAm essence, into your body,
    to fulfill your mission on this planet!


    How many spaces are available?

    Since Diana Ravagli will have an in-depth personal follow-up with each participant, the workshop is limited to 12 people, only.


    The last day to sign up for The FJ Experience is Sunday, May 29, 2022 at midnight. And on Tuesday, May 31 you will begin to receive information, although the 40 day practice will commence on Tuesday, June 21, 2022, and will conclude Sunday, July 31, 2022.


    The application is to make sure The FJ Experience is a good match for you, and to ensure Diana Ravagli’s approach serves, as a supporting guide for you.


    There is always an energetic investment one must yield, in order to receive at the physical level. Naturally, participants will need to adjust their personal schedules to read the information and carry out the practices, in The FJ Experience. The approximated time required is around 2-3 hours per day. 


    Priority will be given to participants who wish to join the group calls to share, and ask questions, but it is not mandatory. For sporadic absences, the group calls are recorded and you can watch at a later time.


    There is a full refund up until May 15. After that, there is a 50% refund up until May 29. Beyond that point, there are no refunds.


    Each participant has a dedicated 1.5 hours window for individual sessions with Diana, through a personal zoom call every week for the duration of The FJ Experience. And she is also available through a devoted Telegram chat for The FJ.


    Embodiment requires a remarkable stamina and stability that need to be supported with the appropriate nutrition. The products chosen have been specifically sourced to ensure you are getting the fuel you need, in order to anchor in your body the frequency that allows you to elevate your matter, so you can be the creator, of your realities.

    Points to consider

    * Participants need to apply for participation
    * Registration closes one month prior to starting to allow preparation time
    * A commitment of 40 days is needed
    The FJ Experience includes a 4-day water fast
    * There is a daily meditation of 30min. evolving to 1hr. practice, per day
    * All participants need to purchase personal supplies for consumption

    Personal Supplies

    The FJ Experience can be carried out now from the comfort of your own home, so there are no hotel, car rental, or other expenses of that type. There are various personal items you will need tho, during The FJ Experience, which are not included in the workshop’s price. Such items have been collated into three different categories for ease of clarity.

    Required Purchased Essentials

    The supplies in this category are in a league of their own and have been carefully sourced and studied to support you energetically and physically. These specific items offer stable and trustworthy results worldwide that ensure a holistic nourishment and strengthening, so you can raise and then maintain, a particular frequency in your body, so you can elevate it into higher frequencies of living. Upon signing up, you will promptly receive the list of items you need to order, three weeks prior to commencing to allow enough time for delivery.

    Additional Required Essentials

    In this grouping you will find items that you might already have, such as a yoga mat or a blue pen, for example. However, when you sign up and receive the list of this category, be sure to have all items.

    In the event there are items you do not own, please remember they are essential and therefore a prerequisite for The FJ Experience, and will need to be purchased for your personal use.

    Essential Luxury Items

    The items in this category have been classified as a “luxury” because they are not mandatory for participation in The FJ Experience. However, they were included because they are tools that highly aid you in balancing the energy in your body, enhance prompt healing, and your overall alignment into a more graceful transition, and thus, the quality of your living. As such, they can be called essential because of the immense and valuable support they offer you during The FJ, and beyond, as you continue forward with your practices of embodiment.

    The FJ Experience RECAP


    • 40 Days, new material every day ( $6000 )
    •  7 (2 hrs) Group sessions ( $2100 )
    • 6 (1.5hrs) Personalized guidance ( $900 )

    Priceless Value

    • Energetic adjustments and attunements
    • Access to Diana’s deep knowledge and extrasensory abilities to guide you
    • Hidden knowledge about how to raise your frequency
    • Access to leading edge tested tools that yield accountable results
    • Knowledge about how your body’s energy system works

    Embody, who you reAlly came to be!

    Payment options

    40 Days priced at:
    One time payment of
    CAD $2,899
    Final payment due three days before Day 0
    Two payments of
    CAD $1,450