The FJ Experience

A 28-day Frequency Jump embodiment practice

What is The FJ Experience? 

The Experience is an elegant multilayer process of refinement. It is the distilled and abbreviated version of the work I have woven into my own biology over many years, through working with Life, Gaia, energy, epigenetics, and alchemy, to the point of upgrading my living to the degree of moving my body into a completely New Life, of my own design. 

Why the Experience? 

Because being a Human Being is meant to be experienced! This Frequency Jump is available to us for being the ones willing to put the body through the necessary steps to produce the graduation that, by undergoing a cocooning stage, we get to emerge on the other side as a completely new being, of course after consolidating the Old Life.

Who is The Experience for? 

If you are looking to upgrade your living, then this is your ticket! Anyone from 18-80 years of age. 

When is The Experience taking place? 

We commence "Day 0" on Tuesday, April 27, 2021 and shall conclude that on Tuesday, May 25, 2021. It takes 28 days to clear a habit, and 40 to install one. *A select number of participants from the 28-day will be invited to join the core group to continue forward, into the 40-day mark that ends on Sunday, June 6, 2021.

Detailed daily directions

A reconnection to the Natural Matrix

Personalized support once-a-week

A unique and fUn way to elevate in frequency adopting a Human Energetics perspective

Synchronization and equalization between the essence and the body

Embodiment into at least, the next scale up in frequency of living

Powered by group dynamics

Points to consider

  • A commitment for 28-days is needed
  • Please note The FJ Experience starts out with a 4-day fast
  • All participants are required to have at least the bare bones pack
  • All participants are required to record a 5-10min video everyday, as part of the exchange for the substantial discount

An overall glance


Phase 1

  •  Releasing and closing old patterns
  • Anchoring space, in your space, and a more encompassing perspective
  • Consolidating lineage and drawing the sovereignty line

Phase 2

  • Installation of activations
  • Disjointing meaning from events
  • Seeding new actions and reactions

Phase 3

  • Amalgamation between the essence and the body
  • Securing presence through the sensory circuitry
  • Ensuring proper energetic investment

Phase 4

  • Setting new ways of living
  • Building momentum in the new routine 
  • Drawing and maintaining personal boundaries for safety and comfort

Phase 5

  •  R

Phase 6

  • In

Unique Discounted Pilot Opportunity

After purchasing your ticket to the experiment, you will receive an email with details to follow, so you can start getting ready!

Pilot price




The specific items I have sourced were chosen for their high-frequency, ethically sourced, planet friendly, they are as "clean" as possible, and because I can trust them to deliver consistent results worldwide.

European Purium Purchase

In Europe, Purium products are named and packaged differently, so they need to be ordered through a different link. In addition, please take note you will need to choose the items from the list yourself, so for your convenience, the exact names of the products. For all other products, please follow the list above. 

Solid foundation:
- 2 x 10 Day Transformation Cleanse (same as *Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation - Variety Pack* in North America)
- Daily fiber
- Gut harmony
- Athlete pack love (Same as *Core 4 athletes* in North America)
- Bee Energeti
- Bentonite clay

Solid foundation

Essential products

  • Purium
  • * Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation - Variety Pack *
  • Fulvic Zeolite – 1 oz
  • Daily Fiber Organic Terra Pouch - Caramel Apple
  • Bee Energetic - 90 ct
  • Core 4 Athletes

5 Items

USD $ 602.13

  • Yoga mat
  • Distilled water
  • New notebook (preferably with wide lines)
  • Blue pen (preferably a ball-point)
  • Organic green tea
  • Organic Turmeric powder
  • Coconut oil and/or MCT oil
  • ASEA is the first and only supplement on the market that contains active redox signaling molecules, which are powerful cellular messengers that help protect, rejuvenate, and restore cells.
  • Holosync Embedded under nature sounds, Holosync literally enhances your brain power (safely and effectively) for tremendous changes in how you feel, think and behave.
  • dōTERRA Certified Pure Tested Grade® essential oil products that offer natural solutions for you and your loved ones. With responsible and sustainable sourcing.
  • Enema Kit (You'll need to source this on your own. I do suggest a "2 Quart Bag, Silicone Enema Bag Kit, Non-Toxic, BPA- & Phthalates-Free.")

Lavish essentials

  • Tachyon tools Tachyon products offer a reset for your energy body restoring your chakras and balancing your energy meridians. Tachyon can clear mental, emotional, and spiritual blocks.