At the beginning of last week, just when I posted the previous blog, I got really unwell. Monday and Tuesday were the worse days. It was a real struggle for me and I lay sleeping most of Monday, and in horrible discomfort on Tuesday. 

In the midst of my pain, I felt deeply grateful for the comfort, joy, clarity and focus I usually have, so naturally flowing through my body. I offered gratitude for the health and vigor my body and I are able to maintain because of the connection we have developed. And I also realized the places where I have been prioritizing something other than that connection with my body. 

I felt ashamed because I have clear that it is an act of violence and dishonoring toward my body and Gaia to do anything that is detrimental to my body’s wellbeing. I know Gaia entrusted me with a cell of Her body, so I could build my own body to live in unison with Hers -The Earth-, and I owe my body the responsibility of my care and protection, which is what my contract with Gaia and Life -God Mother- is.

The moment I realized the misalignments, I made new commitments in my living, and by Wednesday morning I felt I had gone over the hump. It was not over, but I was on the mend. What came after was the recovery, which needed me to carry out those commitments at the physical level.  

Thursday was easier, but I still had a lot of physical discomfort, fatigue, and mental numbness. It was as if my brain had been reformatted, so I rested and started weaving my connection to my body all over again from head to toes. My goal was to recover my strength, so that by Monday I could start working on manifesting my miracle!

On Friday, I decided to take a nap in office #2 of the sanctuary, which is the place iAm charging with my own process of anchoring this miracle, as my energetic offering for the consciousness iAm sharing, that is Meta Awareness. In office #2 is where I felt the energy of Archangel Raphael was strongest, and therefore where I felt to appoint treatments for deep physical healing. During said nap, sure enough St. Raphael came to me and told me there could be no arguing in this place and I was clearly shown the dynamic that was creating a mis-alignment in my living and thus, in the sanctuary also.

By Saturday I had gained enough momentum that I was already able to maintain my body in focus and she had started feeling joyful again. I had raised my body’s vibration enough that I was able to elevate her to a better physical frequency, to the effect of triggering the conditions for the release of said relationship that was causing the conflicts. And I let go. But then I caved, out of care and consideration to make good of the time and energy I invested in that situation for the past couple of years.

Sunday, I woke up in a low frequency again! And by Monday Life and Gaia announced “last call” for jumping on this new wave that is consolidating its passengers by the end of the week with this eclipse. So, I let go, and gave final closure to that relationship.

By Tuesday this week, Life and Gaia showed me the love I have put out came back to me, through the family I have found in my friends. And I saw how loved and appreciated iAm, and my body got filled with joy that cranked up my resilience and stamina.

Since then until now, my living has been gaining momentum to the degree that I can see it represented in little ways, like witnessing the tiniest frog I have ever seen -the size of my pinky’s nail- playing with me, rejoicing as I was watering my plants, and in bigger ways, like closing a business deal. 

iAm starting to see my quantic power awaken again and I know iAm in the correct path to manifest my miracle. 

So, to conclude this blog, my intention to start anchoring my energy deeper into my body to produce bone mass did not manifest the way I had anticipated, at all. But of course, because before anchoring light, the muck had to come out to make space for the new.